Swim with Manatees Crystal River Florida

Swim with Manatees along with Captain Joe Detrick of Fun 2 Dive Manatee Tours, you will enjoy the experience of a life time, to Swim With Manatees in Crystal River Florida.

Swim with the Manatees in Crystal River, is one of 2 locations in the United States that is permitted to swim with these endangered species. Crystal River is home to the largest populations of manatees in the world. With our in-water certified guides, it is not necessary to be an experienced swimmer or snorkeler to enjoy a swimming with manatees.  

 What makes the difference at Fun 2 Dive Manatee Tours? 

Your comfort and safety is our number one priority on all of our tours, along with the manatees.  Fun 2 Dive Manatee Tours is a Professional Eco-Tourism Guide Service since 1995, with Certified in-Water Guides through NAUI with backgrounds in Marine Science, and holds a USCG Captain Master Ratings. Capt Joe has almost 30 years of snorkeling with these amazing animals. 


Capt Joe only offers one Swim With Manatee tour daily. Capt Joe believes this is a very special tour, so why rush.  

Our Eco-tour - Swim with Manatees is conducted in a natural setting with free roaming wild manatees. 

Double Manatee Picture at the main springs.Manatee hugging a dock.



Our Purpose:

  • To offer you and your family a Full Day Manatee Tour, without putting stress on the Manatees. Our Swim with the Manatee Tours are Adventurous and Educational.
  • To minimize the impact on Wild Manatees, we maintain a Very Small Group size. This is the key to our success on your manatee encounter.
  • This Manatee Tour is good for all ages 3 years and up, with no experience needed. All you need is a passion for nature and the spirit of adventure.

Our Manatee Tour boats are located at Twin Rivers Marina 

2880 N. Seabreeze Point  Crystal River Florida, 34429 
Toll Free Number 1-888-588-3483